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Office Physcial Address: WIMA CBO

Item Details
Organization Name WIMA CBO
County Kilifi
Sub County Malindi
Ward Malindi Town
Street Malindi Road
Office Building n/a
Suite No. n/a

Office Contact Address: WIMA CBO

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Postal Address n/a
Organization Email
Organization Telephone 2.54725E+11
Facebook Page WIMA Women Empowerment CBO
Twitter Page n/a
Website n/a

Contact Person: WIMA CBO

Item Details
1st Contact Person HELDA ESLIY
1st Contact Person Position Director
1st Contact Person Telephone 2.54725E+11
1st Contact Person Email
2nd Contact Person n/a
2nd Contact Person Position n/a
2nd Contact Person Email n/a
3rd Contact Person n/a
3rd Contact Person Position n/a
3rd Contact Person Telephone n/a
3rd Contact Person Email n/a

Organizatio Geographical Coverage: WIMA CBO

Item Details
Program Geographical Coverage Sub County
Counties Coverage
Sub County Coverage
Ward Coverage
National Coverage
Regional Coverage
Continetal Coverage

Thematic Focus: WIMA CBO

Item Details
Program Objective Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women
Activities Women training in economic empowerment and inclusion in community development
Network Membership Women