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Date: 26-01-2022

Amazon Theatrix Ensemble (A.T.E) is a community Youth-Led Organization for Awareness Creation and advocacy to communities through performing arts and media on matters relating to women and Girl’s empowerment. We employ performing arts (spoken word and theater) in championing for the voices of women in relation to matters affecting them including Sexual Gender Based Violence, intimate partner violence, wife inheritance and early marriages among others.

A.T.E prioritises arts as a social tool for advocacy embracing it as a professional platform where members can earn a living as they focus on communal sensitization and empowerment through performance in the quest of building their self-esteem and socio-economic gain.

A.T.E envisions a society where women and girls’ rights are respected offering a platform for artists to relay messages to the community revolving around women and girls empowerment towards gender equity and equality as we believe that performing arts is a powerful tool for advocacy as it houses components of educating, informing and influencing mindset on how people view things triggering dialogue at the community level for change and development towards sustainable development goals.

On 20September 2021, A.T.E conducted an activity in Kisumu at the ODM State House office in Kona Mbaya. Through performance using drama and group discussions the organisers passed some really good information on Alternative Peaceful Resolution processes addressing domestic and gender-based violence during Covid-19 Pandemic.

A.T.E had the team subdivided into three groups to discuss and present on:
• Causes of gender-based violence
• Prevention of gender-based violence
• Alternative peaceful resolutions to gender-based violence