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Date: 27-08-2021

Namaindi Child Development Centre in Nambale Sub County in Busia County, conducted a one-day open workshop for girls who sat for KCPE exam in the year 2020, from Bukhayo Central, North and Walatsi Locations in Nambale Sub- county at the Centre' s hall in Namaindi.

The Centre provides support to vulnerable children with age range of 5 yrs and above, with the sponsorship of Church Partners and other well-wishers.

Speaking to an average of 54 girls, as they transit to Secondary schools, and most of them who are now in adolescent stage, Mr. Benjamin Olenja urged the girls to be vigilant to distractors in their future life.
He urged them to be cautious from free gifts from any man, for any favours, emphasising, that there's nothing for free from any man, who is not your father, not even your Uncle's or boda-boda riders.

Mr. Olenja informed the girls that, early sexual encounter is very dangerous, because it exposes one to reproductive risk factors in life, such as: diseases, addiction, early pregnancies/abortion and even deaths.
Using his own example, he urged the girls to study very hard, now that their fees is guaranteed, so that they too can give back to the community after successful completion of their academic life.

Mr.Olenja urged the girls not to allow any man to touch their private parts, for this is how most girls fall victim of early sexual debuts, he urged them to dress decently and avoid exposing themselves to risk scenes.

He urged girls to compete favourably with the fellow (boys) counterparts, since only education levels the ground. He also challenged the girls to aspire to be future CJ and even Presidents of this country.

Over 45 girls signed a commitment form to abstain from sexual relations until they get through their education, and after marriage