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Date: 18-08-2021

By Kashero Wansdclas

Sub-Edited By Liberty Kituu

Fimbo youth initiative is a community-based organization based in Kilifi County which was formed in 2015 with an aim of reducing poverty amongst youth and women through different strategies. One of the strategies the community-based organization uses is addressing issues of youth and women economic empowerment through awareness programs meant to encourage them make use of the available opportunities to expound their employment spaces.

Fimbo with support from CREAW Kenya is implementing a project 'Raising the Voice of the Voiceless' in Ganze and Malindi sub-counties of Kilifi County. One of the activities which Fimbo Youth Initiative undertook was a three days training for women champions on human rights where three women champions from Bamba ward in Ganze sub-county were trained. The trained women champions went back and disseminated the information they got from the training to the larger community of Bamba ward. This led to the formation of the Bamba ward community social accountability committee. The community social accountability committee with support from the Fimbo Youth Initiative organized community led change planning process.

During the community led change planning process, the issue of Bandari dispensary was raised. The construction of the Bandari dispensary in Bamba ward gave high hopes to the community in addressing health problems and promoting the right to quality health life. However, the community hopes went to the drain when the Bandari dispensary was constructed and equipped with drugs since April 2021 but has been non-operational up to July 2021. The Bamba ward community social accountability committee made a follow up with the county department of health when a nurse in-charge was posted and the dispensary became operational.

Mama Rogasia a resident of Bamba ward where the Bandari dispensary is located said; - At last we have seen the hand of God's blessing by giving us health services which we have cried about for a long time.

Bandari dispensary is serving a catchment population of 6,000 people. The population receiving services form Bandari dispensary includes 60% being women, 15% children and the 25% are men