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Date: 06-16-2021

By Uraia Trust

Siaya Muungano Network was founded by a team of 25 young women to champion for voice of young women and mainstream men and boys in the advocacy for women agenda in Siaya County.

The organization managed its activities through members contributions and savings in their kit. Conducting the community activity initiatives strained the members and at some point, no activities were being implemented. By the time Uraia conducted its capacity assessment, SMN had Ksh 2000 in their savings account but had shown commitment and consistency in their advocacy work. After the initiation of the WVL project, the organization conducted an exchange visit meeting held with Shibuye Community Health Workers in Kakamega County a local community organization fully established and with several income generating activities.

From the lessons picked, SMN documented and listed several income generating activities ready initiation within the organization. As a strategy to ensure the sustainability of the organization beyond the donor support, the organization domesticated a micro-enterprise initiative within its Economic Empowerment for Women & Youth pillar for its staff and members. The initiative involves committed members contributions and loaning members money for financial support to initiate individual income generating activities towards economic empowerment. Currently the finances from members income stands at approximately Ksh 150,000 from Ksh 2,000.

For SMN sustainability, a percentage of the profits gained from the loans is ploughed back to the members while other percentage goes to the organization to support its initiatives. The organization theory of change is that when women are empowered financially and can access finances to support themselves, then it means they will be better placed to participate in advocacy platforms for women issues, participate in decision making platforms and follow up on the emerging issues affecting women in the community comfortably.