Capacity Building

Uraia Trust and CREAW will support the implementation of this pillar with their respective 25 multi-year grantees each.

It is anticipated that tailored capacity building and institutional capacity strengthening will be delivered to the 50 WRO sub-grantees supported under the multi-year funding component above, but additional WROs and activists may likely receive capacity building support as well. The areas of focus will be determined by the WROs own assessment of their needs and could include:

financial management, technical support, communications, fundraising, leadership and governance among others. Uraia Trust will support the WROs starting with a higher level of capacity and will often give capacity building support and grant funding at the same time. Meanwhile, CREAW will build the capacity of local, smaller, and weaker WROs, which might involve taking them through a journey of first getting registered, setting up a bank account and finances, then building their capacity before giving them the first tranche of their grant.