Networking and Alliance Building

Under the coordination of CRAWN Trust, over 230 women will participate in an annual intergenerational women and girls rights forum, with the aim of consolidating the women movement at the national, county, and grassroots level.

CRAWN Trust will also provide spaces for WROs to identify and revive existing networks, create alliances, partnerships and coordination platforms at national, county and sub-county levels to champion various issues of gender equality and women empowerment.

This requires high cooperation and political neutrality and CRAWN Trust is well placed to take this role. CRAWN Trust will support the networks and platforms of WROs and activists to: produce and use research or policy report as evidence base for advocacy; increase participation in or access to spaces related to policy generation, legislation/ law making; channel demands of marginalized women/girls; engage in decision-making; conduct collective actions on women's/girls' rights and gender equality; present common problems and demands to power-holders; and effectively sustain pressure towards catalysing gender sensitive policy changes.