Women Voices in Leadership (WVL) program in Kenya

The Women Voice and Leadership (WVL) - Kenya program aims to contribute to gender equality and the increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls in Kenya. It is a 5 years grant by the government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and is anchored on Canada Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) which puts gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls at the heart of international development, humanitarian, peace and security efforts.

WVL is premised on the understanding that women and girls cannot enjoy human rights, and that gender equality will not be seen in Kenya without a vibrant, sustained and healthy women rights movement, or without a civil society in which women rights organizations operate as equals amongst Civil Society Organizations (CSOs.)


1. To improve management, programing and sustainability of local Women rights organizations in Kenya, particularly those representing vulnerable and marginalized women and girls.
2. To enhance delivery of quality services and advocacy by Women Rights Organizations (WROs) to advance gender equality in Kenya.
3. To increase effectiveness of national and sub-national women rights platforms, network and alliances to effect gender sensitive policy change and policy implementation in Kenya.

1. Multi-year granting to 50 WROs
2. Fast responsive funding to 70 WROs
3. Coalitions, networking and alliance building


1. Strengthening women rights movements in Kenya.

2. Partnering and working with Women Rights Organizations in a Capacity building approach.
3. Supporting women to take leadership roles and be active in decision making structures/ processes.

4. Embracing the Feminist development principles of Inclusion, Participation and Empowerment in programming.

5. Supporting Intergenerational approach, mentorship and guidance

1. Launch of the Women Voice and Leadership Project.
2. Strategic planning support with the 4 WRO implementing partners.
3. Participatory development of project PIP, work plans and budgets.
4. Sub-granting MoUs signed with the 4 Principal partners.
5. Participatory capacity assessment for the 4 principal partners.
6. Project Steering committee in place and operational.
7. Capacity Assessment conducted for the 4 principal partners.
8. Capacity building interventions package agreed on with the 4 principal partners
9. National wide WRO mapping conducted
10. Gender analysis conducted
Multiyear Grants and Fast Response grants call released for application by WROs.